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All-Natural, Non-Invasive Pain Relief Discs Used by World Class and Olympic
Athletes Now Available to Consumers

READING, PA, OCTOBER 16, 2014 -- John Schaeffer, president of the Winning Factor Sports Sciences Training Center, with multiple sports science degrees and a background in quantum physics, announces the launch of Holographic Acupressure Discs™ formulated by Winning Factor. These discs are the culmination of a decade of scientific testing and proven use by world class athletes nationally and internationally. Originally created to help athletes reduce pain and recover more quickly to train better, these discs are now available to the general public. They are an ideal option for consumers seeking non-pharmaceutical methods to treat their pain naturally.

In fact, pain is among the most common reasons that Americans turn to alternative forms of acupressure in the first place and millions experience some form of pain on a daily basis – whether it’s ankle pain from a “Weekend Warrior” working out too strenuously or the executive sitting for 15 hours in the office and dealing with their body’s minor aches and pains.

The Holographic Acupressure Discs ™formulated by Winning Factor are a form of acupressure through holographic technology. They are a non-invasive, do-it-yourself and affordable pain relief option for general wellness. They specifically target any areas that acupressure can, such as: back, head, jaw/TMJ, knee, shoulder and wrist pain, sprains and swelling.

Each disc is uniquely programmed with one-of-a-kind vibrational frequencies that influence a person’s body. Holograms are quarter-sized / self-adhesive discs that are embedded with electrovibrational frequencies. Once programmed, they are then placed on acupressure points – specific places on the skin that are especially sensitive to bioelectrical impulses and long recognized and researched that these areas conduct human energy. Science has shown that using acupressure and stimulating these exact points can result in a myriad of natural body reactions, such as releasing neurochemicals (which block pain), promoting healing, improving circulation, boosting the immune function, and promoting the body’s ability to detoxify. In terms of explaining how the acupressure discs help alleviate pain, it is simple: one’s body is stimulated in relationship to how the holograms are programmed and their exact placement on the acupressure meridans. “This is an all-natural response,” says Schaeffer. “The hologram activates the acupressure area which influences the body to function and perform at its most efficient level.”

“As an expert in acupressure through holographic technology, I have combined the ancient wisdom of acupressure with modern technology. These discs are about ten years in the making and the female and male athletes I train have used them with great success. I am thrilled to make them available now to everyone. Consumers want a natural pain relief option without drugs or invasive procedures, at a low price point, and with no side effects.”

According to Louie Vito, Olympic and World Snowboard Champion, who trains with Schaeffer, “I damaged my ankle and used the Holographic Acupressure Discs™ formulated by Winning Factor and my pain went away immediately. This all-natural way to alleviate pain helps me perform and train better.” And Apolo Ohno, the most decorated Olympic winter athlete in U.S. history adds, “The discs are amazing and I used them throughout most of my athletic career.” Schaeffer’s conditioning regimens include the use of these Holographic Acupressure Discs ™ so that the athletes can offset the pain resulting from the grueling workouts and to keep up the pace of the program.

In addition to athletes, Schaeffer has received rave reviews from the medical community. To name a few: Dr. Job Menges, an orthopedic surgeon in Reading, PA, who has known Schaeffer personally and professionally, is also a fan and has used the discs for his arthritic shoulder and knee -- reducing his need for pain medication. He now recommends them to his patients. A doctor in pain management, Dr. Michelle Holding, in Reading, PA is currently incorporating the discs into her treatment plans. “These discs are a great boost to the array of options that we can provide to our patients.”

Background on Acupressure
Used for at least five thousand years in China, acupressure applies the same principles of acupuncture to promote wellness. Sometimes called pressure acupuncture, acupressure is just one of a number of Asian bodywork therapies with roots in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Traditional Chinese Medicine theory describes acupressure points that lie along meridians or channels in your body. These are the same points as those targeted with acupuncture. It is believed that through these invisible channels flows vital energy.

Background on John Schaeffer
Schaeffer is a professional athlete (World Champion in Powerlifting and Professional Kickboxing and a Masters Super Heavyweight World Championship in Professional Kickboxing), author, nutritionist, and fitness / sports conditioning trainer to top-ranked high school and college athletes and hundreds of world-renowned professional and Olympic Athletes. For years, Schaeffer has trained top athletes, including Louie Vito (Olympian and six-time X Games Medalist snowboarder), Apolo Ohno, eight-time Olympic medalist in short track speed skating, Doug Koenig, the world’s best all-round pistol shooter, LeSean McCoy (Philadelphia Eagles), Robert Johnson (former Tennessee Titans), Stevenson “Sly” Sylvester (Buffalo Bills), Richard Muldrow (New Orleans VooDoo), Kaitlyn Farrington (Olympic Gold medalist snowboarder) and Allison Baver, U.S. Olympic speed skater. Schaeffer is also featured in the October 2014 issue of Men’s Health magazine.

The cost is $19.95 per package for 35 discs, with each package generally lasting longer than one month. The instructions for acupressure placements and body part diagrams are clearly stated on the package, showing the consumer exactly how to apply the discs to the appropriate points. They can be purchased online via and available nationally within the next few months in retail stores.