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Menu Planner
Menu Planner
Price: $49.95

Winningfactor Menu Planner has the flexibility to adjust to anyone's philosophy about diets when creating menus, (whether you are creating a Normal, Vegetarian, Vegan or pH type menu). The user has total control over all aspects of the menu design.

The user inputs the amount of calories in grams of protein and carbohydrates for each meal serving that user has pre selected. The user also enters the daily amount of fat to be consumed. At this point you would just go and select foods for your chosen times, the menu will adjust the foods automatically in relationship to your pre selected amounts. If you wish not to consume any particular food type (carbohydrate or protein) simply input 0 in the appropriate time selection box you have pre selected.

After the menu has been created, if you wish to change the amount of calories or grams, simply go to summary, change the gram amounts at the appropriate time slot and click update. The menu will automatically be changed. The user can create a complete personalized menu with food exchanges in ten to fifteen minutes with the full versatility of any concept of diet plan they wish to apply. In addition, you have the option to add an unlimited amount of foods to the existing food database.

Finally, the program also provides you with 51 pages of menu tips, sample menus and healthy, delicious recipes.

System Requirements

To use the Winningfactor Personalized Training Programs, your computer needs to meet the following minimum system requirements:

* Windows 98 or higher
* 17 MB of available hard disk space
* 64 MB of RAM or higher
* Microsoft Word
* Microsoft Excel

Click here to view the Menu Planner User Guide